moon phase
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lost soul(s)

I'm Brooke

☽ I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, sometimes things seem okay,

but then it's 3am when the pills have worn off and I still hate myself and am deceived of the lies of the world.

I'm left searching for the feeling that I lost today

triggerwarning ☼


streets of paris
sadangelflake said: I hope your okay :c !

:3 xx

Anonymous said: I know you think you're not , but you deserve the best in life. And the problem is, only you can give yourself the best, because life is shit and nobody cares as long as it is bearable for them to look at you, but you are amazing and perfect. xx -S

:’( you’re so lovely and insightful, thankyou this means a lot x

fraudulents said: are you okay? ;_;

Idk man :c

Anonymous said: hi brooke. how are you? xxx do you have to stay in the hospital because the injury is self inflicted? sorry i'm just wondering xxx

Mm yeah but not because of self-harm, I had to talk to the psych team because I did something else aswell

Anonymous said: you're beautiful okay

yeah, nah


albino squirrel
am I glamorous now..

some of the good old ultra violence


Watercolours by Kevin Lynch